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  • Support Your Team With Flags & Banners

    Flags & Banners

    The world athletics have come to an exciting end with the UK relay teams finishing strongly. The Unions Jack flags were out in force !


    Now that the football season has started it's now time to focus on the next big sporting event - The football World Cup. It will be held in Russia in the summer of 2018. At this moment in time (June 2017)  all home nations are still in with chance of qualifying.

    World Cup October Update. England have qualified ! Northern Ireland  and the Republic of Ireland both have made the play-offs. Scotland and Wales both very narrowly miss out.

    Flags and banners now available from

    Good luck to England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales !!

    The FIFa  competition takes place in ten Russian cities in June & July 2018  and will last four weeks.

    The women's version of the world cup was last staged in Canada where England managed to finish in a very respectable third place.

    Let's hope that the men can go at least one better !

    The next FIFa women's world cup will be staged in 2019 in France

    So whether you are there in person or just watching from the settee - get out your flags and support your team !

    January 2018 update ; -   after all qualifying matches having been completed - England is the only home nation that has reached the finals. So it's " Come On England " from now on until the summer !







  • Here Comes The Summer Bunting

    Summer Party Bunting

    Everyone loves a good party and having one outdoors is one of the best ways to enjoy the summer sun and some good company. It looks likely that we are about to experience one of the best summers in over 40 years so why not fire up the barbeque, hang out some bunting and bring out the Champagne!

    Hot pink giant plastic bunting Giant Pink

    History Of Bunting

    Bunting originates from the 1700's and is described by Wikipedia as festive decorations made of fabric, plastic, paper or card. Typical types   are listed as "strings of colourful triangular flags" and "lengths of fabric in the colours of national flags". Many Royal occasions over the years have been decorated with Union Jack flags and banners with street parties  being one of the most popular.

    Union Jack plastic flag bunting Union Jack

    Summer Carnivals & Fetes

    One of the most common uses of bunting is to brighten up summer carnival floats and village fetes, and more recently has become very popular at summer music festivals all over the country. A string of brightly coloured pennant flags is always sure to catch the eye and is quite often used to locate your festival tent! Flags and banners can even be found on forecourts trying to encourage customers to buy a new car!

    120 ft long giant outdoor summer bunting Giant multi coloured outdoor style & extra long version in plastic.



  • Great Get Together - Reason To Party

    Great Get Together 

    What better reason for a party this summer than to raise support for a good cause.  The Great Get Together is in memory of Jo Cox the inspirational young woman who said "we have more in common than divides us". Jo was sadly murdered whilst going about her business in her constituency doing what she loved and believed in.

    As a party goods retailer, Fun Party Boxes are keen to promote this wonderful event which will take part on the 16th - 18th June and we shall be making a donation to one or more of the chosen charities involved.

    How will you Party?

    There are so many ways in which you can take part, many people will be getting together and putting on street parties but for some a smaller get together may be more suitable. A garden tea party, barbecue, whatever takes your fancy, it doesn't matter the sentiment is the same, big or small.

    How will you decorate your venue?

    The overall theme for the day is to be red gingham. For those who are handy with a needle and thread then you need to get down to the haberdashery. There will no doubt be a huge demand for red gingham material. Suppliers such as ourselves will be doing our best to have good supplies of bunting, balloons and party decorations in stock to meed demand. If you are unable to get anything in red gingham it doesn't matter, any kind of bright colourful decoration will do. If you want to get the kids involved, we suggest trying the paper bunting which they can help assemble.

    Paper party bunting & balloons Multi Coloured Paper Bunting

    However you chose to celebrate we wish you the best. If you are wanting to make a donation to any of the charities involved such as Help for Heroes, Amnesty International, RNLI to name but a view. You will find more details at This is the first time this event is being celebrated. Lets hope it will continue for many years to come. Have fun!

  • Balloons for Party Decoration - Fun Party Boxes

    Balloon Decorating With A Difference.

    If you are going to the trouble of decorating your party venue with balloons then try something a bit different. Some of the best eye catching ideas don't even require helium filling, and are easier to achieve than you may think.

    Balloon Design Tips.

    A great way to fill a large space at a party venue with balloons is to secure a long piece of string or ribbon from one end of the room to the other. Tying to a fixed object is best. Leave a gap either side of string to allow space for inflated balloon. When you have inflated the balloons tie directly onto the string. If air filled, balloons will hang downwards and obviously if filled with helium they will float upward. If you go for the helium filled option you will be able to create a lovely arch this way as they will lift automatically.

    Another idea is to air fill balloons and tie the necks together, four tied together at the neck and then placed onto a pole make a great visual decoration. Mix it up a bit with the colours, i.e. tie two red with two yellow and arrange alternately onto pole.

    Helium Balloons.

    Please remember that a helium filled balloon has a "life". Make sure you plan your timing correctly so your balloons are filled as near to the party start time as possible. This applies to latex, if however you are using foil these will float much longer and will usually still be good the following day. A different nozzle will be required for foils so make sure your helium gas supplier knows your requirements. Last minute decorating panics are not good for your health!

  • Helium Filled Latex Balloons - Fun Party Boxes

    How easy is it!

    There can be no doubt that helium filled balloons add a huge amount of eye appeal to any party or celebration. Some people may find the act of doing it themselves quite daunting but it really is very simple once you get going.

    What are the rules with helium?

    The first rule is timing. Filling your balloons too soon can ruin the impact and end up having the opposite effect to the one required. So how do you know when is a good time to start filling? Take a look at the balloons you are wishing to fill. Check the packet and look for the size of the balloon. As a rule we never fill balloons that measure less than 10/12" (this is the diameter of the balloon once inflated). The reason being that you need a good amount of helium for good float time. Once you know the size of your filled balloon that is your guide as to when to fill them.

    Size of balloon

    We suggest that a 10/12" balloon will float and look it's best for approximately 10 hours. Here is an example of what they will look like. You now know when to start filling your balloons in order to get maximum impact. After the recommended float time the balloons will start the first process of 'dying' which is oxidisation. This means they will start to lose their sheen and go 'cloudy'. The next process is 'shrinkage'. Latex is permeable and the helium slowly escapes from the balloon. This is however a slow process and you will probably find your balloons happily bobbing around the room at waist height the following morning.

    Climate conditions is another important factor. Helium reacts to the temperature. If you transport your filled balloons to the party venue you may well see them shrink when you take them from a warm indoor climate into the cold outdoors. Don't worry, once they go back indoors they will expand again. For this same reason if left in blazing heat inside a car for too long they will expand and maybe pop! So just treat them with care and caution now you are armed with this information.


    In our experience two people on the job works best for efficiency. One filling and tying the knot in the balloon and the second person tying the balloon to the ribbon. It will take two efficient people approximately 1 hour to fill and tie 50 balloons. Be aware that the helium cannister will cater for a set amount of balloons to be filled. Wastage will reduce the amount of balloons for your display. If you are transporting your filled balloons to your venue popping them into a duvet cover is a great way of keeping them all together and avoiding any escaping, (once you open the car door they want to fly, so take care).

    We hope you find this information useful, and we look forward to giving you more tips on how to make your party preparations fun and stress free. Here at Fun Party Boxes we consider your fun is our business!



  • Minnie Mouse Party Box has arrived.

    Happy New Year to everyone out there in the ether. Fun Party Boxes wanted to start the new year with a new box and Minnie Mouse won the vote on the popularity stakes. Choosing the party theme for the new box made me think about how children's characters have become such a huge part of the market these days and how much say a child has in the choice of the party theme. From our point of view this is a good thing of course and we welcome the astute decisions of our young customers. Back in the day when we lived in a shoe box we were lucky to get a wobbly jelly and a paper hat! Goodness how times have changed.

    Planning a good party for a child or adults can be a bit of a headache for the organiser, hence the reason behind our pre packed party boxes, we like to think our idea helps ease your workload a bit, and we really do care about every single box we pack and we like to know that it arrives safely at it's destination. Your fun is our business!

    Here's Minnie.Minnie Mouse plates

  • Baby Shower Themes and Ideas

    Barely time to draw breath before the Festive Season is upon us, but before that, Fun Party Boxes have a new range of decorations and party tableware dedicated to to celebrating your baby shower to add to our collection. We have just finished a photo shoot, which is always exciting and challenging so we thought a sneak preview would be in order. Feel free to take some decorating ideas from these shots.

    In addition to inflating your balloons, fill some champagne flutes with flat balloons. This is a great idea as they add some colour and save your energy. Teddy in a pastel coloured bucket works too. Maybe you won't want the paper straws for drinking but they also make a quirky piece of decor.

    We love this range, it's called 'Rock a bye Baby' from Ginger Ray.

    baby shower rock a bye baby range

    On the subject of 'challenging' the most time consuming and difficult part of any photo shoot is FOLDING THE LIGHTBOX!


  • Halloween In The UK - a potted history.

    In The Early Days

    Whilst meandering around a supermarket earlier in the week I couldn't help but notice the huge array of Halloween merchandise on sale and how the majority of it is now aimed at young children. When we opened our first retail party shop in 1974 Halloween celebrations in this country did not even exist (well not from a retailer's point of view). Over the years we started to add a few related products, i.e. spider web wool and a few orange and black crepe rolls. We are talking 1970's here. Gradually the demand grew and soon witch's brooms, hats, noses, warts and other paraphernalia came on the market. In these early days we were the only retail outlet in our town where you could buy Halloween related products.

    The American Influence.

    After a few years the influence from the United States finally hit here and our whole year seemed to be a countdown to Halloween. I can remember one year in particular, having to stand at the door of the shop counting people in as I counted people out. The queue went all the way down the street. It was all about adults wanting to dress up and party, nothing aimed at children in those days.

    The 'big boys' soon caught on and before we knew it the supermarkets were very strong competition. Their massive buying power became very difficult to compete with. We continued to specialise with the things they could not be bothered with (personal customer service being one of them). It then became apparent that the main customer target for them was children.

    It just made me think as I meandered, how huge this annual event has become. Are people really aware of what they are celebrating? I'm sure the kids don't know and I'm pretty sure they don't care.


    Halloween Dracula Cut-out

  • Party Into The Future With Fun Party Boxes!

    If I have learned anything over the many years I have been in the business of selling party goods it is that the only thing that really matters is to be yourself have some fun and make the customer happy. Back in the day when we started out we were wide eyed and innocent but were driven purely by passion for what we were selling and putting a smile on someone's face. It worked, it got us here, but as I sit to write another of my 'green' (as in naive) blogs my mind is fuzzed with information from blogging books and well meaning 'experts' on what I should be writing about. It's a whole new world out there.

    I suppose what I am saying is that I can only honestly write about what I know and what I have experienced in life. As my confidence of blogging grows I shall begin to share my many experiences of being in the business of fun.  Of course I understand that 'marketing' is key and it is the road to putting food on the proverbial table. So I will welcome all tips and guidance.

    Digsy at the first fun party boxes photo shoot Digsy helping out at the photo shoot.

    So, time for another photo. All the photography on Fun Party Boxes is solely down to us and a couple of four legged 'helpers'.

  • Party all year round with Fun Party Boxes

    You just can't help but be uplifted by October sunshine. Fresh air and a good walk always does the job when your grey matter needs a bit of help. We are currently thinking ahead and looking at some new exciting products for our Fun Party Boxes for the new year.

    We will be introducing new ideas for decorations and tableware and adding more themes for adults and children. It's not just about pre-packed boxes, you can buy individual items too, we appreciate you may just want a packet of balloons or some drinking straws. It's simple, just go to our site and click on the bits you need. We can offer help and advice on your needs. Just drop us a line with your requirements.

    In the meantime we hope you enjoy a couple of photos of our party products.

    Fiesta fabcric party bunting on garden gate Even Sheep Like To Party

    Fiesta Stitched Bunting 3 mtrs long, £7.95.

    Hawaiian Leis on Gate Hawaiian Party Welcome Gate

    Hawaiian Flower Decoration 12ft long £3.95.

    Prepacked boxes that make parties a piece of cake!

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