Party Into The Future With Fun Party Boxes!

If I have learned anything over the many years I have been in the business of selling party goods it is that the only thing that really matters is to be yourself have some fun and make the customer happy. Back in the day when we started out we were wide eyed and innocent but were driven purely by passion for what we were selling and putting a smile on someone's face. It worked, it got us here, but as I sit to write another of my 'green' (as in naive) blogs my mind is fuzzed with information from blogging books and well meaning 'experts' on what I should be writing about. It's a whole new world out there.

I suppose what I am saying is that I can only honestly write about what I know and what I have experienced in life. As my confidence of blogging grows I shall begin to share my many experiences of being in the business of fun.  Of course I understand that 'marketing' is key and it is the road to putting food on the proverbial table. So I will welcome all tips and guidance.

Digsy at the first fun party boxes photo shoot Digsy helping out at the photo shoot.

So, time for another photo. All the photography on Fun Party Boxes is solely down to us and a couple of four legged 'helpers'.