Minnie Mouse Party Box has arrived.

Happy New Year to everyone out there in the ether. Fun Party Boxes wanted to start the new year with a new box and Minnie Mouse won the vote on the popularity stakes. Choosing the party theme for the new box made me think about how children's characters have become such a huge part of the market these days and how much say a child has in the choice of the party theme. From our point of view this is a good thing of course and we welcome the astute decisions of our young customers. Back in the day when we lived in a shoe box we were lucky to get a wobbly jelly and a paper hat! Goodness how times have changed.

Planning a good party for a child or adults can be a bit of a headache for the organiser, hence the reason behind our pre packed party boxes, we like to think our idea helps ease your workload a bit, and we really do care about every single box we pack and we like to know that it arrives safely at it's destination. Your fun is our business!

Here's Minnie.Minnie Mouse plates

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