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How easy is it!

There can be no doubt that helium filled balloons add a huge amount of eye appeal to any party or celebration. Some people may find the act of doing it themselves quite daunting but it really is very simple once you get going.

What are the rules with helium?

The first rule is timing. Filling your balloons too soon can ruin the impact and end up having the opposite effect to the one required. So how do you know when is a good time to start filling? Take a look at the balloons you are wishing to fill. Check the packet and look for the size of the balloon. As a rule we never fill balloons that measure less than 10/12" (this is the diameter of the balloon once inflated). The reason being that you need a good amount of helium for good float time. Once you know the size of your filled balloon that is your guide as to when to fill them.


Size of balloon

We suggest that a 10/12" balloon will float and look it's best for approximately 10 hours. Here is an example of what they will look like. https://www.funpartyboxes.com/balloons/pack-of-25-pearl-azure-blue-latex-balloons.html. You now know when to start filling your balloons in order to get maximum impact. After the recommended float time the balloons will start the first process of 'dying' which is oxidisation. This means they will start to lose their sheen and go 'cloudy'. The next process is 'shrinkage'. Latex is permeable and the helium slowly escapes from the balloon. This is however a slow process and you will probably find your balloons happily bobbing around the room at waist height the following morning.

Climate conditions is another important factor. Helium reacts to the temperature. If you transport your filled balloons to the party venue you may well see them shrink when you take them from a warm indoor climate into the cold outdoors. Don't worry, once they go back indoors they will expand again. For this same reason if left in blazing heat inside a car for too long they will expand and maybe pop! So just treat them with care and caution now you are armed with this information.


In our experience two people on the job works best for efficiency. One filling and tying the knot in the balloon and the second person tying the balloon to the ribbon. It will take two efficient people approximately 1 hour to fill and tie 50 balloons. Be aware that the helium cannister will cater for a set amount of balloons to be filled. Wastage will reduce the amount of balloons for your display. If you are transporting your filled balloons to your venue popping them into a duvet cover is a great way of keeping them all together and avoiding any escaping, (once you open the car door they want to fly, so take care).


We hope you find this information useful, and we look forward to giving you more tips on how to make your party preparations fun and stress free. Here at Fun Party Boxes we consider your fun is our business!



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