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Balloon Decorating With A Difference.

If you are going to the trouble of decorating your party venue with balloons then try something a bit different. Some of the best eye catching ideas don't even require helium filling, and are easier to achieve than you may think.

Balloon Design Tips.

A great way to fill a large space at a party venue with balloons is to secure a long piece of string or ribbon from one end of the room to the other. Tying to a fixed object is best. Leave a gap either side of string to allow space for inflated balloon. When you have inflated the balloons tie directly onto the string. If air filled, balloons will hang downwards and obviously if filled with helium they will float upward. If you go for the helium filled option you will be able to create a lovely arch this way as they will lift automatically.

Another idea is to air fill balloons and tie the necks together, four tied together at the neck and then placed onto a pole make a great visual decoration. Mix it up a bit with the colours, i.e. tie two red with two yellow and arrange alternately onto pole.

Helium Balloons.

Please remember that a helium filled balloon has a "life". Make sure you plan your timing correctly so your balloons are filled as near to the party start time as possible. This applies to latex, if however you are using foil these will float much longer and will usually still be good the following day. A different nozzle will be required for foils so make sure your helium gas supplier knows your requirements. Last minute decorating panics are not good for your health!

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