Here Comes The Summer Bunting

Summer Party Bunting

Everyone loves a good party and having one outdoors is one of the best ways to enjoy the summer sun and some good company. It looks likely that we are about to experience one of the best summers in over 40 years so why not fire up the barbeque, hang out some bunting and bring out the Champagne!

Hot pink giant plastic bunting Giant Pink

History Of Bunting

Bunting originates from the 1700's and is described by Wikipedia as festive decorations made of fabric, plastic, paper or card. Typical types   are listed as "strings of colourful triangular flags" and "lengths of fabric in the colours of national flags". Many Royal occasions over the years have been decorated with Union Jack flags and banners with street parties  being one of the most popular.

Union Jack plastic flag bunting Union Jack

Summer Carnivals & Fetes

One of the most common uses of bunting is to brighten up summer carnival floats and village fetes, and more recently has become very popular at summer music festivals all over the country. A string of brightly coloured pennant flags is always sure to catch the eye and is quite often used to locate your festival tent! Flags and banners can even be found on forecourts trying to encourage customers to buy a new car!

120 ft long giant outdoor summer bunting Giant multi coloured outdoor style & extra long version in plastic.



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