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  • Welcome to Our Blog at Fun Party Boxes.


    Welcome to our blog.

    To be perfectly honest, (why wouldn't we be) this "blogging" is all very new to us at Fun Party Boxes. However when it comes to selling party supplies we know this inside out because we have been doing this seriously since 1974.

    Back in the day

    Back in the day it was about standing behind a counter and meeting customer needs face to face, very enjoyable it was too. Things grew, the kids got involved and we took a bit of a back seat while the bright young things whizzed us into bigger things and what a grand job they did of it.

    Today it's all about us again being back in the driving seat. The kids have flown, you see, but we just can't stop selling party goods. We really love what we do and we pride ourselves in offering a personal service. We also aim to satisfy customers with special requests and always welcome feedback.

    Stick With Us

    So stick with us, we are passionate about our boxes and party bits, and this "blogging" business is already starting to feel like fun. Hope you like the picture of the Toot Sweet Confetti on our garden gate. Blog on!

    G & K

    Prepacked party boxes that make parties a piece of cake!

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