Premium Gruffalo Theme Party Box

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Add a bit more colour to your Gruffalo tea party celebrations with the Premium Gruffalo Party Box which includes the wonderful collection of disposable party tableware depicting The Gruffalo, the creation of Julia Donaldson. Gruffalo is adored by children and probably a few adults too. A splash of colour here and there makes all the difference, we have colour co-ordinated the decorations to match Gruffalo’s favourite colours and there is something delightful to add to the cake!  Just want a pack of napkins or plates? No problem, click on 'Party Bits'.

Premium Gruffalo Party Box includes:

  • 1 Pack of 20 Crumb Catching Napkins
  • 1 Pack of 12 Rumbling Tummy Plates
  • 1 Pack of Terribly Thirsty Party Cups
  • 1 Pack of multi coloured paper bunting
  • 1 Fabulous Food Table Cover
  • 1 Pack of Mixed Coloured Balloons
  • 1 Pack of Coloured Paper Chains
  • 1 Multi Colored Decoration Kit
  • 1 Pack of Multi-Coloured Swirls
  • 1 Pack of Hooray Cake Toppers
  • 1 Pack of 8 Gruffalo Rumbling Tummy Party Bags
  • 1 Roll of Balloon Ribbon
  • 1 Balloon Pump

1 Pack of 20 Crumb Catching Napkins.

20 top quality paper napkins depicting the loveable Gruffalo himself. Great for mopping up those inevitable spills and perfect for wrapping a piece of take home cake in.

1 Pack of Rumbling Tummy Plates.

No encouragement needed for clean plates here! Pack of 12 beautifully illustrated quality paper party plates adorned with delightful pictures of Gruffalo and his friends.

1 Pack of Terribly Thirsty Party Cups.

Pack of 12 charming paper party cups printed with “I’m going to have tea with a Gruffalo”.

1 pack of multi coloured pennant bunting.

Pretty paper bunting which consists of 24 brightly coloured pennants for you to thread onto the silky ribbon which is included. Measures 4.5 metres when assembled. (Please note that this bunting replaces the birthday garland shown - which is sadly now discontinued. )

1 Favourite Food Table Cover.

A Gruffalo party needs a special Gruffalo tablecover, essential for all those yummy crumbs and spills. Measuring 180 x 120cm this quality paper tablecover offers a superb backdrop for the Gruffalo tableware and scrumptious party food. Decorated with ‘you know who’ and his friends.

1 Pack of 10 Metallic Latex Balloons.

A party isn’t complete without balloons. Perfect for adding to the party decorations and/or as a parting gift for the young party guests. Suitable for helium filling. (Please note, if filled with helium these balloons will float for approximately 8 hours).

1 Pack of Coloured Paper Chains.

A fun traditional party decoration.This pack of paper chains are easily put together with no sticking or mess. Consists of 60 links which measure 13ft when assembled. Colour will be chosen from yellow, blue, green or red according to stock availability.

1 Multi Coloured Decoration Kit.

A wonderful 9 piece selection of quality hanging paper decorations including pinwheels and honeycomb balls in bright colours which co-ordinate perfectly with the Gruffalo theme.

1 Pack of 12 Multi-Coloured Plastic Swirls.

Pack consists of 12 brightly coloured swirls which catch the light as they move. Each swirl measures 22” in length, a lovely decoration, the children will love them.

1 Pack of ‘Hooray’ Cake Toppers.

Pack of 9 individual letters on sticks spelling out the word ‘Hooray’ with an exclamation mark and two gold pom poms for added cheerfulness.

1 Pack of 8 Gruffalo Rumbling Tummy Party Bags.

Charming pack of 8 party bags for packing with party goodies for your little Gruffalo fans to take home. “Ooh what’s inside?” Bet there’s cake and a balloon!

1 Roll of Balloon Ribbon.

An absolute essential, roll of balloon curling ribbon which can be put to many uses.

1 Balloon Pump.

Plastic balloon pump, easy pump action to help save your breath!