Premium Very Hungry Caterpillar Theme Party Box

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It's The Very Hungry Caterpillar! A truly delightful range of disposable party tableware adorned with charming images of the ever popular Very Hungry Caterpillar himself. Created by author Eric Searle, The Very Hungry Caterpillar has been entertaining young children for more than 40 years and is as popular today as ever. Our Premium Very Hungry Caterpillar Party Box adds a bit more colour for you to splash around with the selection of colour co-ordinated decorations chosen by us with your convenience at mind. We love this box and we are confident that you and your little party guests will too. Please note that the original cut-out banner is sadly discontinued so we have replaced it with a coloured pennant banner.


Premium Very Hungry Party Box includes:


  • 1 Pack of 20 Paper Napkins
  • 1 Pack of 12 Paper Plates
  • 1 Pack of 12 Paper Cups
  • 1 Plastic Table Cover
  • 1 Pack of Paper Multi-Coloured Bunting
  • 1 Pack of Coloured Paper Chains
  • 1 Nine Piece Decoration Kit
  • 2 Packs of 10 Mixed Latex Balloons
  • 1 Pack of 12 Multi-Coloured Swirls
  • 1 Pack of Hooray Cake Toppers
  • 1 Pack of 8 Paper Party Bags
  • 1 Roll of Balloon Ribbon
  • 1 Balloon Pump



1 Pack of 20 Paper Napkins

20 best quality paper napkins depicting the loveable Very Hungry Caterpillar himself. Just the job for the odd spills and crumb catching.

1 Pack of 12 Paper Plates.

Bet it's clean plates all around! Pack of 12 beautifully illustrated paper plates.

1 Pack of Paper Party Cups.

Give the thirsty little guests a drink in these delightful Very Hungry Caterpillar paper party cups. Pack of 12 x 250ml.

1 Pack of Multi-Coloured Paper Bunting.

A lovely splash of colour is achieved with this self thread coloured paper bunting. Consists of 24 brightly coloured paper pennants which you thread onto the silky ribbon supplied. Measures 4.5m when assembled.

1 Plastic Tablecover.

A very clever plastic tablecover which gives the visual effect of grass. Perfect for withstanding the inevitable spills and gives a superb backdrop to The Very Hungry Caterpillar party tableware. Measures 54" x 102". Perfect!

2 Packs of 10 Assorted Latex Balloons.

We have selected only the best quality balloons for your enjoyment. Better than anything you will pick up in a supermarket. These 11" latex balloons are used by professional decorators, they have superb colour and the quality makes them easy to tie. Suitable for air or helium filling. (Please note if filled with helium these balloons will float for approximately 10 hours).

1 Pack of Coloured Paper Chains.

A fun traditional party decoration which will add colour and fun to the proceedings, easily put together with no sticking or mess. Consists of 60 links which measure 13' when assembled.

1 Multi-Coloured Decoration Kit.

A wonderful 9 piece selection of quality paper hanging decorations including pinwheels and honeycomb balls in bright mixed colours which compliment The Very Hungry Caterpillar theme perfectly.

1 Pack of 12 Multi-Coloured Plastic Swirls.

A pack of 12 brightly coloured plastic swirls which catch the light as they gently move. Fitted with handy plastic ring for hanging, each swirl measures 22" in length, a lovely decoration, the children will love them.

1 Pack of 'Hooray' Cake Toppers.

Pack of 9 individual letters on sticks spelling out the word 'Hooray' with an exclamation mark and two gold foil pom poms for added cheerfulness.

1 Pack of 8 Paper Party Bags.

Charming pack of 8 paper party bags for packing with goodies for your little Very Hungry Caterpillar fans to take home. Perfect for a piece of cake and a surprise!

1 Roll of Balloon Ribbon.

An absolute essential. Roll of quality balloon curling ribbons which can be put to many uses.

1 Balloon Pump.

We've thought of everything! Plastic balloon pump with easy pump action to save your breath!