Premium Pink Theme Party Box

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"Pretty in pink" as the saying goes! Our Premium Pink Party Box gives you a fabulous foundation for a number of pink themed parties. Balloons, bunting and more. Perfect for a little girl's princess party, baby shower, christening, hen night celebrations or just because you love pink.


Premium Pink Party Box Includes :

  • 1 Pink party decoration kit with paper honeycomb pom-poms and pinwheels
  • 1 Pack of 8 giant 18" 'Toot Sweet' clear latex balloons with confetti
  • 1 Photo Booth Kit
  • 1 Pack of 12 pink plastic hanging swirls
  • 1 Giant plastic pink pennant flag bunting
  • 1 Pack of pink paper lantern garlands
  • 1 Pack of 60 pink paper chains
  • 1 Pack of pink pennant flag paper bunting
  • 1 Pack of 25 premium grade 11" pink latex balloons
  • 1 Roll of balloon curling ribbon
  • 1 Plastic balloon pump

Pink Party Decoration Kit

Delightful 9 piece pink party decoration kit which includes pink paper honeycomb pom poms, paper fans, pinwheels and garlands. This imaginative selection of hanging decorations can transform a space instantly, saving you time and effort.

8 Giant 18" 'Toot Sweet' Clear Latex Balloons with Confetti

What a great idea! This fabulous balloon kit consists of 8 x 18" clear latex balloons which you fill with the confetti provided. These balloons can be filled with air or helium (if filled with helium will float for approximately 18 hours), we have used them, air filled, and just had them randomly placed around the venue encouraging impromptu 'balloon volley ball'. Kit also includes twine and closures.

Photo Booth Props Kit

A kit of fun props for photographic memories of your celebrations consisting of:

  • Ice cream lolly
  • Zig zag pink bow tie
  • Zig zag mint green neck tie
  • #Selfie message stick
  • "Party"message stick
  • 'Write your own' speech bubble
  • Black frame specs
  • Pink frame retro sunglasses
  • Pink cocktail with 'a slice'
  • Black moustache

Pink Plastic Hanging Swirls

Twelve pink plastic hanging swirl decorations which each give a great effect as they move and twirl and catch the light. We love these and have used them on many occasions ourselves.

Giant Plastic Pink Pennant Flag Bunting

Perfect solution for a big splash of colour! This giant pink plastic pennant bunting can be fixed in a jiffy with strong plastic ties. Measures an impressive 10m in length, great for outdoor use.

Pink Paper Lantern Garland

A delightful string of 8 pretty pink paper lanterns which measures 12ft in length. Perfect for any pink themed party and also makes a lovely decoration to a little girl's bedroom or nursery.

Pink Paper Chains

A real traditional favourite! Quality pink paper chain link garland consisting of 60 links when put together measures 3.9m in length. You can even get the kids involved with this one!

Pink Paper Pennant Flag Bunting

Pretty pink self thread pennant bunting consisting of 24 individual pennants for threading onto the included ribbon which measures 15ft overall in length.

Pack of 25 Pink Latex Balloons

Only the best quality balloons make their way into our party packs. Widely used by professional balloon decorators the super quality of these 11" pink latex balloons make them especially easy to tie. Fill with air or helium. (Please note, if filled with helium these balloons will float for approximately 10 hours).

Roll of Balloon Ribbon

Quality balloon curling ribbon on a roll measuring approx 50yds. Primarily used for tying and displaying balloons but also be used as a decorative touch on its own.

Balloon Pump

Easy to use handy plastic balloon pump so those balloons are easy to fill without running out of breath.